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Looking Back in Light of the Final Debate

By Staff Staff | Oct 22, 2012 at 3:02 PM

As the third and final debate of the General Election approaches, the political writers of Open for Business look back to what has come before and speculate about what might arise in the last face-to-face debate the candidates will embark on this year.

From Our Archive: Gifts of Christmas 2010

A Medley of Gift Ideas

By Staff Staff | Dec 21, 2010 at 3:51 AM

Looking for some last minute gift ideas? OFB's editors reveal some of their favorite, eclectic gift ideas, most of which can be purchased locally or are still possible to obtain online in time for Christmas.

A Magazine in the Age of Blogs

By Staff Staff | Oct 06, 2010 at 4:39 AM

Back when Open for Business started some nine years ago, the original purpose of this publication was not to put out original commentary on “the business of life,” but to blog about and link to useful information on Free Software. In 2010, everybody – and pretty much everything – has a blog, but over the years OFB has exited its category of genesis and taken up the mantle of the magazine. Why be a magazine in an age of blogs?

Gifts of Christmas 2009: Procrastinator's Gift Buying Guide

By Staff Staff | Dec 23, 2009 at 10:44 PM

So, it is the night before the night before Christmas and you still have shopping to do. Do not panic — our editors have put their heads together and assembled a selection of interesting, affordable and sure to please gifts you can pick up at your local store or receive electronic delivery on.

Gifts of Christmas (Procrastinator's Edition)

By Staff Staff | Dec 23, 2008 at 8:12 PM

Have you put off your Christmas shopping just a little too long and now you are panicking what to get those still on your shopping list? Never fear; the editorial team at OFB has gathered some of our favorite gift ideas, starting at under $5, and have even noted a few that you can still get shipped online if you'd rather avoid the holiday bustle of brick-and-mortar stores.

Sen. John McCain Congratulates Sen. Obama

By Staff Staff | Nov 05, 2008 at 5:17 AM

The full text of Sen. McCain's concessions speech can be found below. “I wish Godspeed to the man who was my former opponent and will be my president. And I call on all Americans, as I have often in this campaign, to not despair of our present difficulties, but to believe, always, in the promise and greatness of America, because nothing is inevitable here.”

OFB’s Endorsement for President of the United States

By Staff Staff | Oct 30, 2008 at 4:19 AM

This year Americans face the most important presidential election in recent history. Already, in the last couple of months, the economy has caused nearly unprecedented measures, of which we can surely expect more over the coming weeks and months. This, along with new challenges in foreign policy require that the voter be more informed than ever when choosing a candidate to vote for this year. Open for Business believes that when the evidence is considered, the informed voter should vote for Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) for President of the United States.

Plumbing the Depths of Debate #3

By Staff Staff | Oct 17, 2008 at 2:45 PM

Two presidential debates and one vice presidential debate already history, on Wednesday night, Sens. Barack Obama and John McCain came back together for one last debate moderated by Bob Schieffer of CBS News. OFB editors Timothy R. Butler and Jason Kettinger agree that the debate had a different tone from the previous ones, but did it change the presidential race?

Round #2: McCain and Obama Spar Again

By Staff Staff | Oct 11, 2008 at 1:17 AM

With a presidential and vice presidential debate behind their campaigns, Sens. John McCain and Barack Obama went at it again on Tuesday evening, sparring in a town hall format. OFB's Editor-in-Chief, Timothy R. Butler, and contributing editor Jason Kettinger analyze

The Veep Showdown: Palin Versus Biden

By Staff Staff | Oct 04, 2008 at 6:39 AM

Thursday night’s Vice Presidential Debate, moderated by Gwen Ifill and participated in by Sen. Joe Biden (D-DE) and Gov. Sarah Palin (R-AK), was the most watched veep-debate in history. Everyone wanted to know if Biden could deliver the crushing blow to Palin that would end the Republicans’ hopes for the White House a month early. OFB’s Timothy R. Butler and analyst Jason Kettinger weigh in.

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