The Open for Business Ethical Platform

Our Commitment to You and to the Truth

Our core pool of contributors is a set of three veteran writers, each of whom is well trained in academic and journalistic standards of fact checking and citation. With a combined journalistic and academic writing experience that spans well over a half century, we are committed to the strictest ethical standards.

Our commitments to our readers:
  1. We serve the truth. We believe it is possible to be objectively true or false and commit to never publishing information we know to be false. We would rather be unpopular and truthful than popular and duplicitous.

  2. We serve the reader. We are not a click-bait organization; the trust of our readers is a bond all OFB contributors view as invaluable. We desire to build long-term relationships with our readers and commit to never selling out that bond by publishing poorly sourced or misrepresented information.

These standards are demonstrated in simple ways:

  1. Integrity in sourcing. We provide documentation of claims whenever possible, both to bind our writing to the truth and out of a commitment to integrity in giving credit where it is due.

  2. Integrity in reviews. When reviewing products or services, we will disclose any relationship with the companies reviewed, including, but not limited to, receipt of editorial review access/units. Review subjects shall never be given veto power over reviews or the ability to influence the final content of reviews. Attempts of organizations to unduly exert influence shall be reported within the content we publish.

  3. Integrity in updates. When published pieces require updates that are more than semantic, we shall clearly disclose those updates, ensuring that readers can cite Open for Business content with confidence and trust that we are honest about our mistakes.

  4. Integrity in relationships. Open for Business writers shall disclose any financial relationships with subjects they write about, including, but not limited to, equity holdings in those subjects’ companies.

  5. Integrity in headlines. We will not engage in click-bait or other tactics to draw readers into pieces on false pretenses.