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The Walls Come Tumbling Down

By Dennis E. Powell | Posted at 8:29 PM

It’s beginning to crumble.

Everything that was peddled as official fact about the “miracle” messenger RNA vaccines administered with such wild abandon all across the world, in some cases made mandatory, is being proved false. It is coming out that an injection of, say, saline solution would have been safer and just as effective. That’s not to say that saline has any benefit in preventing a SARS-CoV-2 infection — it doesn’t. But it also won’t kill you, and that can’t be said for the innovative vaccine products tested on the people of the world over the last three years in what turned out to be nothing more than a vast, failed clinical trial.

The latest news came yesterday from the dogged reporter Alex Berenson. Published, peer-reviewed studies show that for a subset of the population the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines seem to out-and-out kill the recipients, who were young and healthy until those vaccinations rendered them young and dead.

“Two previous and until now unreported studies offer even stronger evidence that the mRNAs caused thousands of sudden or very quick deaths from cardiovascular catastrophes in people under 50,” Berenson wrote. Go to his link to read the studies.

This is no surprise to those who have been paying attention. In a study last October, authors reported that “’[A]ll that glitters is not gold,’ as was evidenced by the significant reactogenicity, a host of multi-systemic side-effects, that are being reported by the vaccine recipients; which is palpably resulting in a shift of emotions for the vaccine, accounting for vaccine hesitancy. Anaphylaxis, antibody-dependent enhancements, and deaths, comprise the most serious side-effects, albeit occurring in sparing numbers.” Translation: The stuff has so many bad side effects that anyone with two brain cells to rub together wouldn’t get near it.

A vaccine that causes death is the very definition of the cure being worse than the disease. Oh, and no one got cured, so it was more a lottery shot: A select few got killed but no one got any benefit, other than not being killed by the vaccine.

One of the mRNA vaccines was developed by the Bill-Gates-affiliated BioNTech. (Gee. Wonder why Gates was promoting the vaccine.) The New York Times characterized it in November 2020 as “more than 90 percent effective.” At what? Enriching those peddling it? Maybe so, because it certainly wasn’t any good at reducing COVID-19. This was the stuff that came to be known as the Pfizer vaccine.

The other big mRNA vaccine was produced by Moderna, a company formed to produce mRNA vaccines. Its corona virus product is its only product. Moderna is all over the place, saying that its wondrous new vaccines will soon prevent everything from heart disease to cancer. Which may be true in the sense that a pistol bullet will prevent those diseases. The fact is, Moderna can’t even make a working flu vaccine. (“What? It has to work?” I can imagine Moderna executives saying. “I thought we could just slap labels on bottles of any damn thing. That seemed to be the case with COVID.”)

You might notice that I’ve not tried to explain what an mRNA vaccine is. It defies quick explanation. Traditional vaccines employ a dead or weakened microbe to induce production by our bodies of antibodies that fight off living and healthy versions of the microorganism when it tries to infect us. The mRNA approach is different, just a notch or two this side of gene editing. A conventional vaccine that doesn’t work . . . just doesn’t work. But the potential failures of mRNA are science-fiction-level catastrophic. And this stuff was cooked up in a hurry, with minimal testing, by companies that, strangely, already existed, almost as if the pandemic were anticipated. I’m not saying it was, but still. In any case, we were sold mRNA as if it were the amazing new breakthrough, the next big thing. (A century ago, it was radium, in toothpaste, chocolates, and cosmetics.)

The connection between the vaccines and terrible, sometimes fatal, heart diseases has been known for more than two years. This particularly affects young, otherwise healthy men. Young, otherwise healthy men were not at much risk with SARS-CoV-2. Yet they were mandated or effectively mandated to get the vaccination. It did them no good and in some cases killed them. This is not conspiracy theory, it is demonstrable fact.

We still do not know what we have done to our children. We do not know much of anything about the effects of the mRNA vaccines at all. Yet to this day, the CDC says on its website:

“CDC recommends everyone ages 6 months and older get vaccinated as soon as possible to protect against COVID-19 and its potentially severe complications.

“Although mRNA vaccines (Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna) COVID-19 vaccines) are preferred, Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen COVID-19 vaccine may be considered in some situations.”

So the CDC is all in, which should tell you nothing about the mRNA vaccines and everything you need to know about the CDC.

Then there is a little something called “turbo cancer.” The authorities tell us that there is no such thing. The authorities also say that there is no such thing as a spike in the #diedsuddenly phenomenon, and the studies cited by Berenson show that this is not the case.

Turbo cancer is the reported phenomenon in which days after receiving the mRNA vaccines people erupt in new or recurrent, very aggressive cancer. There is a lot of anecdotal evidence in support of the phenomenon. A friend of mine lost her mother this spring to cancer that came soon after a follow-on vaccination, and she says that there is no other explanation of her mother’s death. While there is always danger in trying to discern between coincidence and causation, the sheer numbers tell us that something’s up. It will be hard to sort out, if anyone even tries. The problem is confounded by the number of cancers that advanced because treatment was unavailable during the pandemic, on the apparent theory that the life of a COVID-19 patient is more important than that of a cancer patient. (Of course it is. Cancer is a disease; COVID is politics.) So cancer death rates can be expected to rise from that alone. Yet too many people who ought to know are sounding the alarm on turbo cancer for us to ignore it. It is alleged that in some cases mRNA vaccines give you cancer.

Excess deaths are up, in the U.S. and elsewhere, beyond what can be explained by COVID-19.

Those who have been paying attention — we are few, because our world makes it difficult — will have found little or nothing new in the above. What’s new is that attention is being paid to it. It is now acceptable to say that the SARS-CoV-2 virus is probably the result of a fiendish recipe from the lab in Wuhan. All but idiots are now saying that it the vaccine doesn’t seem to have done anything good. The number of people who would welcome news of an indictment Dr. Anthony Fauci and some of his “scientific” henchmen is growing.

The SARS-CoV-2 vaccines, sad to say, have never been about saving lives. They’ve been about making money and amassing political clout. The pharmaceutical companies raked in truckloads of money. If Donald Trump had been able to keep it from being about him (and had avoided saying breathtakingly stupid things about injecting disinfectants and such), he probably would have been re-elected. (And no, he wasn’t re-elected.)

The politics of it will get sorted out in its way by a largely inattentive electorate. But people who have money tend to pay close attention. And shares in Pfizer are down 30 percent this year. Moderna is down 32 percent. Writes a good friend who spent his career in the securities industry, “The good news is: it’s going even lower.” The loss of a third of your company’s value in six months isn’t quite California bank territory, but it is devastating for the companies and those who run them.

Day after day the shoes continue to drop. It’s likely that before long it will seem to be raining shoes.

Dennis E. Powell is crackpot-at-large at Open for Business. Powell was a reporter in New York and elsewhere before moving to Ohio, where he has (mostly) recovered. You can reach him at

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