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Bad and Getting Worse

By Dennis E. Powell | Posted at 9:03 PM

We’re in a mess and I’m not at all confident that we’ll find a way out.

The President of the United States, Joseph R. “Bugout” Biden, has included in his portfolio of despicability a hatred of children.

Don’t believe me? Consider: there’s a crisis facing parents around the country who are unable to feed their children. This is because to Bugout Joe the enforcement of bureaucratic rules (created by bureaucrats to create jobs for more bureaucrats) is of greater concern than whether little babies starve to death because the government agencies that he thinks should control every aspect of life don’t like the wording on the packages of the European formula that could nourish those babies. (The supply of geriatric pablum is unaffected; with “Dr.” Jill Biden there to fill the bottle and wipe away the drool, Bugout Joe is not inconvenienced.)

He refuses to acknowledge the very existence of his own granddaughter, who came into this world via congress between his ne’er-do-well con-artist son, Hunter, and an Arkansas stripper. The child’s first name is “Navy” and if babymama lived closer to the coast the defense might be that the little girl was named after her father. But genes don’t lie: she’s Hunter’s offspring.

And he claims to strongly favor the killing of every child — he used that word — possible before or even after birth, calling it “women’s health,” though the more than half of aborted babies who are girls might disagree with the term. (He also claims to oppose racism, even though the abortion movement was founded on a plan to reduce the population of black people and others its supporters posited were undesirable. And it worked: in New York, for instance, well over half of black pregnancies end in abortion.)

I say he “claims” he favors this because he doesn’t seem always to remember what his handlers have instructed him to believe. He regularly says things — often in very strong terms in his loudest union-rally voice — that minutes later are refuted by nameless staff members, who while bad people are even worse puppeteers. The latest (I wrote this yesterday, so there’s time for him to have superceded it) was his comment that if China were to invade Taiwan we would respond through our military might (perhaps bombing Peking with pamphlets on how girls supposedly can turn into boys and vice-versa, though that would violate the Geneva Conventions). [Note: I guessed correctly. Last night, in a largely shouted “speech,” he gave the Second Amendment pride of place in the list of parts of the Bill of Rights he opposes, where it is alongside all clauses of the First Amendment. Little wonder his approval rating barely includes one-third of the country.]

Bugout Joe is a senile idiot, the senility having arrived in recent years. He has never been a nice or even decent man. In 16 months in office he has all but destroyed a once-thriving America, has taken his orders from the laughably wrong kooks in his party, and best I can tell has failed to utter a single word of truth. And he tells a lie to rule them all, that it’s somebody else’s fault.

Ah, you might say, but in 2024 what’s left of the country can elect a new president!

Um, yeah, but that’s where the mess we’re in becomes intractable.

If you read the Bible you know of 1 Samuel 8 and how therein the Israelites petitioned God to “appoint us a king to judge us” rather than count on the judgment of the God in whom they claimed to believe.

Some people seek to be ruled, demand it, even if — maybe especially if — the ruler is a tyrant. God granted the people’s wishes and Samuel anointed Saul as king. It did not work out well. But the Israelites got their king, who then violated divine law in attacking the Amalekites out of revenge.

The current most likely Republican candidate for president in 2024 is a man driven entirely out of revenge, a man as defective in his own way as Bugout Joe. The reason the U.S. Senate has a slight technical Democrat majority is that this vengeful louse, angry that he had been defeated in the 2020 election, campaigned in Georgia and told his supporters to stay home on that state’s runoff election day, sabotaging two likely Republican wins. The louse is, of course, Donald John Trump.

Like Hunter Biden, Trump’s father was too permissive, making his son a rich man instead of administering the stern discipline that would have been appropriate. Spare the rod and all that. So when Donald lost, he sought to make everyone else as unhappy as he was.

Trump was the only candidate in the 2016 primary debates who did not pledge to support the ultimate nominee even if it were not him. Support for Trump — call it Trump Worship Syndrome — is cult-like, not based on anything approaching reason. For his cultists he can do no wrong. (I still wonder if Sean Hannity and other Fox News “personalities” who are the authors of the cult hope to take tax deductions one day for donating to some museum the blue dresses worn and stained during their visits to the oval office during the Trump administration.)

Trump’s motto might be: “If I don’t get the biggest piece of cake, I’ll pee all over the cake and spoil it for everybody.” (He must have been a real delight at childhood birthday parties when the birthday wasn’t his.) He sabotaged the Georgia senate runoff following the 2020 elections and tried this year to sabotage the Republican primary for the governorship, attorney general, and secretary of state there because the current governor and the others refused to commit multiple felonies in Trump’s behalf. And before the primary yesterday he announced that his supporters would not vote in this year’s general election for the Republican nominee unless it were his chosen candidate, a dimwitted peckerwood who ran only reluctantly, spurred on by Trump’s appetite for revenge. Aforementioned peckerwood lost by a 50 percent margin, as did the TWS candidates for attorney general and secretary of state.

While we all can and must pray that repentance and reform are available to us and everyone, it’s only a sucker who would bet that Trump will change in the next two years. That means that if he runs (which he will do: his children and former staffers have infected Fox News Channel more than ever in recent weeks; they’re more virulent than monkeypox) and he doesn’t get the nomination, he’ll tell his supporters to stay home come election day because in his estimation it is all about him. He would rather be able to say that the country was lost for lack of him than see the country saved by someone better equipped for the job than he is or ever will be.

[A post-primary note: There is a glimmer of hope in the Georgia and some other races, where Trump’s endorsement proved to be of no use. Maybe even his cult wearies of a whiny, obsessed loser. Fox News would be wise to cut him and his sycophants loose.]

We’ll keep hearing Trump rail on about his evidence-free grudge until and through the 2024 election, unless he develops a passion for playing golf during thunderstorms or something.

The only man in the country capable of losing to the crooked husk of a mid-level ward heeler who was campaigning from the basement Barcalounger wants to do it again, and if he’s denied the opportunity he’ll again do all he can to destroy the part of the Republican party he hasn’t already wrecked.

How is it that we can be in this situation? How is it that anyone could think without laughing that the megalomaniacal Trump and Bugout Joe Biden are the two people best qualified to run the (at the moment but not for long, due to their efforts) powerful nation on Earth? I think it’s the effect we find in 1 Samuel 8 — a desire to be ruled by those who think that they oughtn’t control their own lives and futures, even if the ruler is fatally defective.

My view differs from theirs. I do think that both Trump and Biden ought to have titles and positions in government institutions. They should both bear the title of inmate.

Dennis E. Powell is crackpot-at-large at Open for Business. Powell was a reporter in New York and elsewhere before moving to Ohio, where he has (mostly) recovered. You can reach him at

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