Episode 23: Of Tweets, Sports and Spiritual Growth

By Zippy the Wonder Snail | Posted at 11:51 AM

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The boys turn to the start of baseball season, the end of basketball season, Elon Musk’s move to acquire Twitter and more in an action packed final episode of Zippy’s first year.

  • This is the first Zippy Episode of our two part anniversary celebration. Part two is located here.

Show Notes

Cardinals Baseball Begins

The crew discusses the excitement around one more year with Yadi and possibly Waino, alongside the retirement year return of Albert Pujols.

NCAA Basketball Season Wrapup

Jason fills us in on the end of the NCAA playoffs and what struck him about a huge season that marked the end of several notable coaching careers.

Elon Musk and Twitter (Part I)

Tim and Jason begin a discussion of Elon Musk’s progress towards purchasing Twitter, a conversation they’ll wrap up in our next episode coming out later today. They also talk about Musk’s the Boring Company adventures.

Spring COVID Musings And Boosters

A second booster? Shadow Omicron? What are we to make of the lingering threat of COVID in a world that is starting to feel a bit more normal again?

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Love Wordle and want to play more? In February, FaithTree introduced Biblicle.com from FaithTree — drawing from five letter words found in the English Bible. A month later, we presented another daily word game, Anagramle.com, that you won’t want to miss out on. Fun, fast paced and playable once a day!

Spiritual Disciplines

The Boys discuss Spiritual Disciplines and growth in Christ as we seek to be more like Him and to love our neighbors more faithfully, turning to the principle of 1 Corinthians 10:23-29.

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Zippy the Wonder Snail is a podcast zipping through the news and culture that impacts you, co-hosted by Timothy R. Butler and Jason Kettinger.

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