KDE::Enterprise Site Launched

By Timothy R. Butler | Posted at 3:29 PM

Dieter pointed this announcement out: “The KDE::Enterprise Initiative was launched today, with the goal of improving, integrating and customizing the K Desktop Environment (KDE), for development and use by enterprises. KDE is the leading desktop for Linux and other Unix systems. ”

“The aim of the project's website is to create an information repository of successful business cases using KDE, to provide contact points for KDE support, and to further the awareness of KDE as a business platform.

“Jono Bacon, KDE developer and founder of the project, stated, 'KDE is rapidly developing as a preferred interface for Linux and UNIX based systems. I want to present KDE as a suitable solution for the enterprise, and the KDE::Enterprise project is an initiative to do this.'

You can read the entire announcement at KDE Dot News.