Do you like Delphi? Try Kylix!

By Timothy R. Butler | Posted at 2:32 PM

If you haven't been paying attention to what Borland has been up to for the last year, this should bring you up to speed with their latest and greatest offering for RAD development on Linux.

Kylix is the Linux equivalent of the Delphi Rapid Development Environment for Windows. It provides Borland's object oriented version of Pascal (called, appropriately, “Object Pascal”). For any seasoned Delphi developer, you should be able to get up to speed in no time at all.

Borland offers 3 different version of the RAD IDE - Open, Desktop, and Server, each with varying capabilities.

Here is the skinny: The “Open” edition is free to download, and is the least capable of the 3 versions. Requiring you to distribute any applications written with the Open edition of Kylix as a GPL'd program is one of the restrictions. The Desktop version is highly capable, missing only a few components, the ability to write Apache modules, and connect to Oracle i1 databases, which the server edition can do.

You can read more about Kylix at these sites:</ a>