Linux virtual machines aren't just for the big boys anymore

By Staff Staff | Posted at 12:54 PM

NewsForge is carrying an interesting look at virtualizers (tools that can run multiple operating systems on a single computer at the same time). “Consolidating those servers into a single 'footprint' can save server management costs, she says. In some cases, companies running IBM zSeries with Linux virtual machines are running hundreds, and even thousands, of images of Linux on one box.”

“Reducing hardware management costs can also be a big selling point to VM technology, Krystynak adds. 'Nowadays, the problem is you turn around and you suddenly have 40 servers in an organization with 800 people,' he says. 'Out of those 800 people, you have eight guys managing those servers. (IT directors) think, 'What would I rather have — would I rather have 40 or 50 or 100 servers to manage or would rather have 10 more powerful, more controllable machines with more things running on them.'” “'Linux computers are getting faster every day,' he [Jacques Gelinas] writes. 'So we should probably end up with less, more powerful servers. Instead we are seeing more and more servers. While there are many reasons for this trend (more services offered), the major issue is more related to security and administrative concerns. Is it possible to split a Linux server into virtual ones with as much isolation as possible between each one, looking like real servers, yet sharing some common tasks (monitoring, backup, ups, hardware configuration, …)? We think so.'”

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