Obama Passes 270

By Timothy Butler | Posted at 10:10 PM

DEVELOPING: With California reporting its results, it appears that Sen. Obama is now President-elect Obama. Votes are still coming in, but OFB believes that the senator from Illinois has already clinched the presidency.

Sen. McCain has given a concession speech calling for unity amongst Americans and wishing “Godspeed” to his president. You can find the text of the speech here. Sen. McCain exited with the same sense of honor and class that he ran, hopefully sounding a note that will help as the new president seeks constructive discussion in the months to come.

At press time, Sen. Obama appeared to have obtained well over 300 electoral votes. Notably, “bell weather state” Missouri so far appears to have gone for Sen. McCain, breaking a long running trend of going with the winner.

Sen. Obama will be officially elected by the Electoral College in December.

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