CRN: Constructing A Windows-Less Office

By Staff Staff | Posted at 11:20 AM

CRN is carrying a report on moving to an entirely Linux-based environment. They found that moving to Linux proved more than adequate for most Small to Mid-sized Businesses, and at a substantial cost savings. “After constructing a practical solution, the Test Center reached the following conclusion: Linux and associated Linux applications can accomplish many of the same tasks as the Wintel standard at a much lower initial cost,in this case, for 93 percent less than the software cost of a similar Windows-based network”

“Although many software companies don't develop native Linux applications, customers' needs often can be met with the plethora of open-source and commercial Linux applications now readily available. “

Moreover, the need for a Windows-based application isn't necessarily a showstopper. Commercial products like Netraverse's Win4Lin let users run native Windows applications on a Linux desktop, and VMware's VMware workstation can be used to create multiple virtual machines running Windows under Linux. “

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