Running Windows apps in Linux

By Staff Staff | Posted at 3:52 PM

NewsForge is carrying an article on the available options for running Windows software in Linux. This may be helpful if the main thing holding your company back from a Linux migration is legacy software. “There are already several Windows and Linux (WAL) programs out there. The three most popular are VMWare's VMWare 3.0 Workstation 3.0; NeTraverse's Win4Lin 3.0; and WINE.

“So who should run VMWare? Developers will love it. Will that code run on Caldera Linux and Red Hat Linux? With VMWare, it's a snap. It's also helpful to trainers, help desk workers or system administrators—anyone who really needs to switch operating systems in a hurry. ”

“Still, if all you really want to do is to run today's bread-and- butter Windows home and office software, Win4Lin is hard to beat.”

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