Dell Clarifies Its Linux Position

By Timothy R. Butler | Posted at 11:02 AM

Dell Computer Corp. released a letter yesterday to clarify its current stance on Linux. “Dell continues to support Linux customers on a variety of client and server products both through factory installation and Linux vendor certification. Dell offers the latest release of Red Hat® Linux 7.2 on its Precision Workstation and PowerEdge Server lines to customers who range from corporate professionals to performance computing enthusiasts through multiple ordering mechanisms, including over the internet.”

“For customers who develop their own Linux image using Red Hat or another Linux distribution, Dell will install their image on OptiPlex desktop and Latitude portable computers through Dell's custom factory integration services.” “In addition to the award-winning support Dell provides all customers, Dell utilizes a dedicated support team which is trained to support the hardware, application, and software needs of Linux users and is also partnered with LinuxCare and Red Hat for in-depth support. Dell continues to develop drivers and provide those as open source into the Linux development community.”

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