PR: First Mandriva Release Announced

By Staff Staff | Posted at 4:48 PM

Moreno Valley, Ca; Paris, France - April 13th 2005 - Mandriva (pronounced “Man-dree-vah”!), the company formerly known as Mandrakesoft, today released Limited Edition 2005, a special new version of its operating system that blends the most up to date popular open source applications, including Firefox 1.0.2, with specific customisations resulting in advanced multimedia, internet and development capabilities. These features include out-of-the-box Web content RSS reading and software sound mixing (so multiple applications can play sound at once). Limited Edition 2005 is the only Linux system to allow the trouble-free coexistence of 32-bit and 64-bit applications. It also offers enhanced hardware support for removable devices, including the ability to boot from USB keys.

Sold exclusively online by Mandriva, this new release is available right now as a download to Mandriva Club members who benefit from privileged as well as discounted access to the company's products. Other customers can purchase the Limited Edition's DVD set on Mandriva Store.

“People have always turned to Mandriva Linux for the latest and hottest in Linux. Limited Edition 2005 is a strong embodiment of that desire, while maintaining excellent stability. Some open source enthusiasts don't want to wait 10 months to take advantage of Linux's breathtaking pace of innovation. Those enthusiasts will find great value in LE 2005,” commented François Bancilhon, Mandriva CEO.