IBM Releases $40 Million in Software as Open Source

By | Posted at 10:20 AM

IBM has announced that they are releasing $40 million worth of tools as open source, and placing them under the control of a multi-vendor open source community. “The Java-based open source software, code-named Eclipse, will enable developers to use software tools from multiple suppliers together, allowing developers to integrate business processes used to create e-business applications, such as those for Web services. “

“This new open source community already involves more than 150 leading software tool suppliers working together to evolve Eclipse software, which will be available free-of-charge to developers. More than 1,200 individual developers from 63 countries have already participated in the Eclipse open source community process.”

“Eclipse provides a single, unified experience of all development processes and integrates all development tasks such as testing, performance tuning and debugging. In addition, Eclipse easily integrates tools from many vendors with e-business infrastructure software, such as IBM's WebSphere*, which will significantly increase developer productivity.”

Read the Full Press Release

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