Migrating Codebases from Solaris to Linux

By Timothy R. Butler | Posted at 8:13 PM

IBM DeveloperWorks has an interesting article on the rationale and ways of migrating your in house programs from Solaris to Linux. “A number of compelling reasons make the move to Linux very attractive. Its technical and operational characteristics make it a match for a range of applications, especially with the availability of the 2.4 release.”

” Linux has earned its reputation for stability. In an OS evaluation report published by Gartner Group, Linux was rated as “excellent”, equivalent to RISC UNIXes and ahead of Windows NT and 2000”

“When you think about moving software development from one platform to another, do you think of a long project that freezes all your other new work, consumes your entire team, and needs a big capital outlay and retraining costs up front? … Fortunately, moving from Solaris to Linux doesn't have to have these problems and it is indeed possible and in most cases desirable to avoid the 'Big Bang' approach.”

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