Borland Releases Kylix 2

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Borland Software Corp. announced availablity of a new release of their popular Kylix Linux development package today. Most of the major changes in Kylix 2 focus on web services and improved cross-platform compatiblity.

Some of the new features announced include “BizSnap” for creating cross platform web-based applications with XML/SOAP, and “DataSnap” for creating database middleware with Oracle, Informix, IBM DB2, MySQL, and PostgreSQL databases.The press release also noted other interesting features such as the ability for one code base to compile on Delphi 6 (Windows) and Kylix, and support for CORBA-based Borland VisiBroker GUI's.

Kylix 2, like it's predecessor, will come out in three versions; Enterprise ($1,999), Professional ($249), and Open (free for open source development). Upgrade versions will be available for Kylix 1.0 and Delphi users.

See Full Press Release

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