New GNU/Linux Distribution Appears from Red Hat Veteran

By Timothy R. Butler | Posted at 12:09 AM

Former Red Hat employee Bernhard “Bero” Rosenkraenzer has resurfaced, after leaving Red Hat last fall, with a brand new GNU/Linux distribution meant for the average user. According to the distribution's web site, “The Ark Linux distribution is based primarily upon a Red Hat Linux 7.3 / 8.0 foundation. On top of this, we have added a new easy-to-use installer (an Ark Linux installation is only four mouse clicks away!) and extensively tailored the software applications and utilities included - all in an effort to ensure that Ark Linux provides superior ease-of-use and the features and functionality end users have told us they want.”

The about page reveals the overall goal, saying “There are already plenty of good Linux distributions for servers and for advanaced users out there - but so far, nobody has tried making an easy to use version of Linux for the masses, even though the KDE user interface makes Linux very easy to use.” Interestingly enough, the project's information also states that “it is not our intent to take users away from other Linux distributions. It is our goal to provide a good desktop operating system.”

You can find out more about Ark Linux here. An alpha version of the project's work is available for download on their download page as well.