Geramik Reduces KDE/GNOME Style Differences

By Timothy R. Butler | Posted at 5:11 PM

Craig Drummond has released a new theme and “engine” for GTK programs that provides something many people have been looking for: a common look and feel for KDE and GNOME applications. While Red Hat's Blue Curve attempts to do something similar, Mr. Drummond's Geramik is the first theme implementation to provide smooth integration between environments.

Screenshot of Geramik and Keramik

Unlike Blue Curve (“Null”), Geramik, which looks like the up and coming KDE 3.1's Keramik default style, uses the KDE color palette to match the color between the two environments. Thus, not only do KDE and GNOME applications look the same, but they automatically use the same colors too. While this provides little advantage for GNOME users (who would probably prefer to have KDE match GNOME colors), those using the more popular KDE environment will appreciate the added cohesiveness between KDE and GTK 1.x applications.

OfB Labs was pleased with the results we found in the initial trial, which presented a similar enough look between applications that new GNU/Linux users should no longer feel like they are working with a patchwork of different user interfaces. This is a big step in the right direction, and should help to make deployment of GNU/Linux desktops a bit easier.

While this initial release does not come in a prepackaged file for installation, those comfortable with using the command line should be able to complete the installation instructions included with the style in about five minutes. The instructions worked without hitch, other than the fact that on our system, Geramik installed to /usr/local/share/themes/ rather than the /usr/share/themes/ location referred to by the directions. Be aware of this possible issue when following the installation instructions, as you may have to substitute the path in the instructions with one mentioned above.

You can read about and download Geramik at KDE-

UPDATE (Nov. 14, 2002 19:43 EST): A non-official Mandrake 9.0 RPM package for Geramik is now available here.

Timothy R. Butler is Editor-in-Chief of Open for Business. You can reach him at tbutler@uninetsolutions. com.