Linux Makes Inroads

By Staff Staff | Posted at 1:39 PM

According to a CRN story, Linux is increasing in popularity with solution providers. The reports states that Linux is “proliferating in the solutions marketplace, as more than a third of solution providers and end-customer companies in North America plug in Linux solutions, according to Reality Research & Consulting.”

“Among solution providers, 44 percent are reselling or recommending Linux to end-customer companies, according to Reality's Channel Panel. In comparison, 96 percent cite Windows NT Server , 50 percent name NetWare (all versions) and 37 percent point to Unix (all versions) as operating systems they currently resell or recommend. The research garnered 3,710 responses earlier in 2001.”

Another statistic from the report mentions that 40 percent of “end-user” IT buyers surveyed are using or planning to use Linux at their businesses. CRN also provides a link to the full market perspective report, which is available for free from Reality Research.

Full Story at CRN