Largo ''Thrives''

By Staff Staff | Posted at 9:08 PM

Government Computer News is carrying a report on the success of the City of Largo, Florida, with open source. According to previous reports, one RedHat Linux 7.1 based server is used to serve desktops to 400 thin clients within the city's network.

“The network computers have reduced help desk calls in the Largo offices, [Dave] Richards said. 'We've got all 400 terminals sharing the same servers, so we never have to worry about what people are doing on their desktop PCs. Taxpayers are paying you to sit down and get to work, not tinker with those beautiful Mickey Mouse screensavers,' he said.”

“The cost savings from using Unix, Linux and thin clients are significant, Richards said, but he is cautious about specifying a dollar amount….But the typical NT shop requires 'huge monster machines with licenses galore,' Richards said. 'A full NT shop comparable to ours would require four times more hardware. That would cost a fortune.'”