StarOffice 6.0 Beta

By Staff Staff | Posted at 10:19 PM

eWEEK gave the upgraded StarOffice suite a trial run in an article published this earlier this week. According to the article, eWEEK recommends that “IT administrators download the StarOffice 6 beta and evaluate for themselves how well the suite works…

Other noteworthy quotes include:

“Sun's StarOffice has the interface familiarity and file format compatibility that will enable it to peacefully coexist with Microsoft's Office. And its cross-platform support and ingenious use of XML (Extensible Markup Language) will pay dividends in future, more wide-scale deployments.”

“StarOffice's Writer, Calc and Impress applications represent, respectively, the suite's word processing, spreadsheet and presentation offerings. In compatibility tests, StarOffice faithfully rendered the formatting, styles and calculations from the Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents and templates that we use at eWEEK.”

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