Open Source Accounting and Inventory Program Launched

By Timothy R. Butler | Posted at 9:57 PM

A web based, open source accounting and inventory program called NOLA has been released. It appears that this program is fully web based, so it should be especially useful if you need remote access to accounting and inventory systems, or if you are working in a mixed platform environment.

According to the press release:

“Noguska has long been a leader in the graphic arts niche market, installing it's various accounting, estimating, and management packages for businesses around the globe. The release of it's Web Based NOLA accounting software under the GPL (GNU [General] Public License) promises to bring Noguska's software engineering expertise to the business accounting software market.

“'The release of NOLA under the GPL is meant to provide open, standards based accounting software to businesses of all sizes,' says Ryan Fox, Technical Director, Noguska.”

You can learn more about NOLA at

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