CodeWeavers Announces CrossOver Office 1.1

By Timothy R. Butler | Posted at 12:29 PM

CodeWeavers, a leading contributor to the WINE project, announced today that they had made available an update release to their CrossOver Office product. The new release adds official support of Microsoft Outlook and Internet Explorer to CO Office's repertoire.

On the new release, CodeWeavers CEO Jeremy White commented “With Outlook and Internet Explorer support, we feel that we have rounded out the most important features of the Microsoft Office Suite, and have made it simple and painless for an organization to adopt the Linux desktop.” Based on our recent experience in OfB Labs, White very well could be correct.

The new release also boasts many other improvements in printing, TrueType font support, and non-English language support. Additionally, CrossOver Office 1.1 includes fixes in WINE's crash handling and modifications to Outlook to enhance security by preventing external application launching.

For more details on the new release, CodeWeaver's has posted a change log to CrossOver Office. You can also find OfB Lab's detailed look at CrossOver Office 1.0 here.