Episode 42: That's a Big Thing You Should've Said

By Zippy the Wonder Snail | Posted at 11:17 PM

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Tim and Jason talk more baseball, why everyone who uses social media should care about “the Fediverse” (especially in light of X’s move toward X-rated content), Taylor Swift’s latest album and the Rich Young Ruler from Luke 18:18-25.

Video Edition

Show Notes

00:00 - Opening

The boys banter a bit about Jason’s trek to Busch Stadium to get us started.

2:34 - X Goes X-Rated and We Go To the Fediverse

Tim recently wrote on the importance of joining the Fediverse as a counter to X, as it embraces pornography, and Facebook, as it continues to spy.

  • OFB on the Fediverse: https://faithtree.social/@ofb
  • Tim on the Fediverse: https://faithtree.social/@trbutler

14:48 - Sponsor: FaithTree.com WeatherDesk

Traveling this summer? Use FaithTree WeatherDesk to get up-to-date weather for wherever you go!

15:40 - The Tortured Poets Department

Jason and Tim muse on Taylor Swift’s latest album and discuss the Handmaid’s Tale along the way.

32:25 - Sponsor: Little Hills Church

We’re recording today at @littlehillschurch. Listeners are invited to consider visiting Little Hills online or in-person. As a hybrid online and “brick and mortar” church, Little Hills has members in St. Charles, MO and around the country and world. Both of the Zippy Crew will be preaching the summer sermon series there.

32:40 - Luke 18:18-25

Jason preached on Luke 18:18-25 a few hours before this recording and the boys revisit what he shared in his message.

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