Episode 41: It's Actually Listenable!

By Zippy the Wonder Snail | Posted at 1:04 PM

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Tim and Jason are back together live for an episode of Zippy that covers the newest star in the WNBA, the latest on the Cards situation, Apple Antitrust musings and a preview of the sermon series Tim and Jason are preaching together over May-July.

Video Edition

Show Notes

0:00 - Preface on Recording Issues

This episode was recorded live and had some issues in the recording process, but we’ve gotten it to the point you can still listen in, just not with the normal level of fidelity in recording.

1:04 - Opening to Cicadas

Jason is back in St. Louis and as the boys kick off this live episode they chat about the emergence of the Cicadapocalypse.

4:51 - Caitlin Clark

Tim doesn’t keep up on the WNBA, but Jason does and he helps the less basketball savvy like Tim understand what is happening with Caitlin Clark during her rookie season.

12:33 - Apple Antitrust

Is the DOJ helping out consumers or destroying one of the most consumer protecting platforms ever created in iOS/iPadOS? That’s what the boys discuss in reference to Tim’s articles on the subject here and here on OFB.

27:50 - Sponsor: FaithTree.com WeatherDesk

Traveling this summer? Use FaithTree WeatherDesk(https://faithtree.com/weatherDesk/) to get up-to-date weather for wherever you go!

28:26 - Cardinals Update

Once again Jason tries to pep Tim up about the prospects of this year’s St. Louis Cardinals? Will the loyal but depressed Tim be right or will the (also loyal, but) optimistic Jason nail the trajectory of the season?

36:11 - Sponsor: Little Hills Church

We’re recording today at @littlehillschurch. Listeners are invited to consider visiting Little Hills online or in-person (https://littlehills.church). As a hybrid online and “brick and mortar” church, Little Hills has members in St. Charles, MO and around the country and world. Both of the Zippy Crew will be preaching the summer sermon series there.

37:12 - Luke 18-19 Preview

Speaking of that series, Tim and Jason will be walking thought Luke 18-19 this summer in a series called Parables + Problems. They talk about those chapters as they think ahead to the series to come.

You can find the whole archive of Zippy episodes at https://snail.zip . 🏁🐌🏁

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Zippy the Wonder Snail is a podcast zipping through the news and culture that impacts you, co-hosted by Timothy R. Butler and Jason Kettinger.

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