RedHat Announces Migration Resource

By Timothy R. Butler | Posted at 5:55 PM

According to this month's Under the Brim, RedHat has recently launched a site to help migrate IT infrastructure to RedHat Linux solutions.

Here is the announcement from RedHat:

“Want to move to Linux? Our new Migration Center is the place to start.
If you're considering a Red Hat Linux migration or have already started,
you'll find valuable information on how and why to migrate to Red Hat
Linux, including:
  • Business support tools (whitepapers, webcast replays, presentations)
  • Technical documents (porting guides, how to's, FAQs)
  • Red Hat Linux applications index
  • Migration news and success stories
  • Migration discussion lists and e-newsletters
You can visit the RedHat Migration Center at http://www.redhat. com/solutions/migration/.

Note: Some white papers at the Migration Center require free registration with RedHat.

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