Mudsock Heights

Mudsock Heights

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Time to End This

By Dennis E. Powell | Posted at 3:34 PM

Babies. They beheaded babies. They are proud of it.

It is particularly troubling when acts are so horrific that people of good will are sad that they are not there to personally kill the offenders.

But that was my instant, immutable response to a video I saw on Saturday. I have tried to describe it and realize that there is no way of doing it that wouldn’t produce the same effect in readers that I had when I saw it. Suffice it to say it was an unspeakably awful and fatal assault on a young woman who had been attending a music festival. The video was made by the perpetrators to show what they are. It was uploaded by them.

I saw it and vomited.

I saw other videos. The invaders used their victims’ own phones to record the victims being murdered, and uploaded the resulting videos to the victims’ Facebook and other social media pages. They made and sent pictures of themselves beheading Israeli soldiers, the way you might video yourself with a fish you caught.

They say they will kill their hostages and post the videos online.

And that was before we learned of the scores of babies, born in a kibbutz in the desert, at least some of whom they beheaded. They killed them all, And their siblings. And their parents. Think of the Clutter family from “In Cold Blood” — times hundreds.

Many people around the world, including a group of members of the U.S. House of Representatives, “the Squat,” need to be clued in: people who do what I saw and continue to see in those videos are not the good guys.

(Our limp-wristed media describe Saturday’s terror assault as a “surprise” attack, as if it were a birthday party — and for Vladimir Putin, it was. We used to call such things by their proper name: sneak attack.)

I’ve seen video, too, of captured Hamas terrorists. They are crying and begging for mercy. Israeli soldiers, civilized, treated them well. The invading murderers and rapists can take comfort in the fact that their captors are nothing like them. Even in the face of a cowardly attack that was worse than Pearl Harbor — which limited itself, at least, to military targets — the Israeli soldiers did not surrender to the blood lust that motivates the captured barbarians. There are wounded terrorists in Israeli hospitals, in beds adjacent to patients they came to kill.

Hamas took many hostages, for their own nefarious purposes but no doubt also remembering that the current U.S. administration buys hostages for $1.2 billion ransom apiece.

Hamas also killed at least 22 Americans, the State Department said this morning.

Despite the “atrocities” — the word is insufficient; “abominations” isn’t even enough — committed by Hamas, Israel takes measures toward the safety of the people in the Hamas stronghold, Gaza. For example, you might hear of something called “roofknocks.” Before attacking a building, the Israelis send over a drone that drops a small explosive on the building’s roof. This means that sometime in the next hour the building will cease to exist, so everybody inside needs to get out. That’s different from Hamas cowards breaking into people’s homes and shooting them in their beds. (By the way, when you see Israeli bombing of “mosques” in Gaza and the “mosques” are still having secondary explosions 15 seconds later, those “mosques” were bomb factories and armories.)

We could, and should, have prevented it all. But no, we’re too busy sucking up to the architects of the evil currently underway in Israel.

What is currently called “Palestine” is the ancient home of the Philistines, long occupied by the Romans who considered it part of Syria. Following World War I, when the lands of the late, unlamented Ottoman Empire were divvied up, Great Britain drew the short straw and got “Palestine,” which included present-day Israel and Jordan. In 1948, with the establishment of Israel, the people of the area were free to stay put or go elsewhere, such as Jordan.

But Jordan didn’t and doesn’t want them. Neither does any other Arab nation. Listen to Arabs when you visit. They consider “Pallies” to be little more than vermin (an appraisal Hamas seems determined to justify). Egypt has a border with Gaza, which it has now closed lest it receive Palestinians.

So why do they sponsor Hamas, Hezbollah, and various other terrorist organizations?

They don’t. They used to, because they thought that the elimination of Israel would solve their own domestic Palestinian problems. But that didn’t work, so they made peace with Israel and continue to do so.

Middle Eastern terrorism comprises Arabs dancing to a Persian tune. This is the work of Iran. (No, Iranians are not Arabs. They’re Persians.) And they consider Arabs to be the perfect tools for their own ends. As the Wall Street Journal pointed out yesterday, Iran is ready to fight to the last Palestinian or Lebanese.

The horrors you see and will continue to see are sponsored by Iran.

The same Iran to which Joe “Bugout” Biden paid $6 billion ransom a couple of weeks ago. The simpering Biden administration says the money can be used only for food and medicine. They think you are stupid. All we’ve done is pay for food and medicine so they can use their own money to arm outfits like Hamas and Hezbollah.

(Note that the weapons used by Hamas and Hezbollah were made in Iran, except for the ones made in the U.S.A. and left behind when Bugout Joe surrendered to the Taliban in Afghanistan.)

Though he is worst offender, senile old Joe is the latest in a series of U.S. presidents who have failed to deal with the problem.

I fondly remember the morning of January 20, 1981. I spent it in the newsroom at WOR Radio in New York, where we had the simultaneous tasks of covering the release of the staff of the U.S. Embassy in Tehran, who had been held hostage for 444 days by Iran, and the inauguration of Ronald Reagan. Iran was terrified of Reagan, as well it should have been.

But Reagan did not then solve the problem. Nor did any president in the 42 years since, though two in particular — Bugout Joe and Barack “I ate a dog” Obama — have been by far the most egregious. They have actually made things worse, by a lot.

Obama sent John “Stolen Valor” Kerry to negotiate with Iran and persuade that country to accept money from us, in exchange for laughable promises not to build atomic bombs. Donald “What’s in it for me?” Trump, accidentally right (even a blind pig occasionally finds an acorn), tore up the moronic agreement.

Bugout Joe, in his unending effort to undo everything Trump did, decided to give Iran even more in an effort to revive Iran’s willingness to accept money from us in exchange for nothing. Biden lifted sanctions so that money could flow freely into Iran. He hired Obama retread Rob Malley to handle the negotiations. Alas, it seems Malley was acting not in behalf of the U.S. but instead as an agent of Iran, either deliberately or out of stupidity. (Malley finally was put on leave and got his security clearance yanked this summer.) The White House says it has no evidence of direct Iranian involvement. Of course it doesn’t — the U.S. agencies that monitor Iran may be staffed by Iranian agents! Everyone except the U.S. government knows who is responsible.

Gee. Wonder why we, who share “intelligence” (must be in quotation marks with this administration) with Israel, missed knowing about plans for this enormous, coordinated attack. But worry not — we’re well prepared should there be a sudden uprising of Catholics.

By the way, the U.S. State Department, headed by Tony Blinken, the central casting stand-in for secretary of state (in a movie in which the villain turns out to be the secretary of state), on Saturday sent out a tweet urging Israel to do nothing in response. It got deleted. What a surprise: Biden appointed the Council on Arab-Islamic Relations, a terrorist front organization, to handle antisemitism. The administration is not made up of serious people, though its many screwups are extremely serious.

Can we turn to international organizations? I’ve recently thought that the United Nations building on the East Side in Manhattan would be a good place to house some of the immigrants who have shown up in New York, where they do nothing useful. But then I realized that’s what it’s already doing.

Biden, who has tried to torpedo the domestic oil industry, sent out his most presentable mouthpiece yesterday to make excuses as to why the U.S. has kept the oil flowing out of Iran despite sanctions against the country.

“Supply and demand has to be balanced,” Kirby sputtered. To call these guys incompetent would be to sugar-coat it.

The problem will not be solved, nor can it be solved, without extreme change in Iran, and by that I mean the extreme change one does to a cockroach seen on the kitchen counter. You may remember the hope that was placed on “student uprisings” there — which the U.S. failed to support. We cannot count on Iranians rising up and overthrowing the mullahs. If it happened, we would stab them in the back, anyway. Yeah, an imprisoned Iranian dissident just got the Nobel Peace Prize. Without any effect on anything.

Iran has four oil refineries. With Obama and Bugout Joe having lifted the sanctions, those refineries pump many billions of dollars into Iran’s terrorism machine every year. Without too much difficulty, those refineries could be rendered piles of burning rubble in the burning sands, and there’s nothing anyone could do about it. It would be a nice touch to accompany it with an announcement that Tehran is next. People might worry that it would be another endless war, but it wouldn’t. We blow them up and come home that day. We leave the rebuilding to them, and remind them that if they get out of line we will do it again.

Yes, it would increase the price of oil. Who knows, it might even cause the Bugout Joe administration to discover that we have oil here, even as it just last week discovered the merits of a wall at the U.S.’s southern border. We have enough that we could fill our own needs and even sell some. (In 2020 we were a net exporter, according to the government’s Energy Information Administration. Gee. What has changed in the government since 2020?)

Biden might be dragged, shuffling and croaking in a stage whisper, into doing the right thing. But it may not be in his hands anymore. We’ve seen the videos. Israel has seen the videos.

Iran is listening for the roofknocks, coming to them soon. Not soon enough.

It has been rightly noted that the Hamas massacre came 50 years and one day after the start of the 1973 Yom Kippur invasion.

It also was Vladimir Putin’s birthday. He will soon be visited by Mahmoud Abbas, the head of the Palestinians, it was announced Monday.

Bugout Joe was not heard from Sunday or Monday. It turned out he was being interrogated by investigators looking in to his illegal retention of classified documents. He was brought out like a wax figure yesterday and he mouthed some words written by someone else. He did not mention Iran, which is no surprise. We have no speaker of the House of Representatives, though one may be elected before long. We effectively have no president.

We can easily put an end to Iran. Or we can continue to put up with it, each episode worse than the one before, forever.

I say it’s time to end it.

Dennis E. Powell is crackpot-at-large at Open for Business. Powell was a reporter in New York and elsewhere before moving to Ohio, where he has (mostly) recovered. You can reach him at

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