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World, We've Got a Problem

By Dennis E. Powell | Posted at 7:18 PM
There used to be a rule among reporters: the likelihood of a secret being kept is the inverse of the number of people who know that secret.

(The rule still exists; it’s the reporters who disappeared, replaced by demographically selected persons hired to preen before television cameras or write stories intended to maintain the woke bona fides of themselves and their publications.)

To put it another way, the more people in on a conspiracy, the greater the likelihood it will be revealed.

That is why the internet paranoids, especially the denizens of ex-Twitter, are blowing smoke when they go on about plots involving thousands or tens of thousands of people. We’re just too talkative for that. Somebody will spill the beans.

As is happening now. You need look only at the unraveling of the Biden family enterprise, an organization of criminal idiots led by a senile criminal idiot who may be jockeying for a Vinnie “The Chin” Gigante strategy to escape prosecution.

But the country has mechanisms in place to deal with crooked politicians stupid enough to get caught. How do we deal with corruption of multiple government agencies at once? How to we handle it when entire institutions, important to our society, are shown to be corrupt? What will replace them?

Yesterday, word came out — a conspiracy to which one too many people was privy — that the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency paid cash money to scientists in exchange for those scientists agreeing to lie about the origins of the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

An aside, about the CIA: It has strong competition, but it is certainly in the running for most inept and useless government agency. It was the CIA that brought us the Bay of Pigs fiasco. It was CIA retreads who sought favor with Joe “not-yet-Bugout” Biden by signing a letter saying that the perfectly authentic Hunter Biden laptop seemed to them to be Russian disinformation. The CIA warned us of Saddam Hussein’s “Weapons of Mass Destruction,” which it turned out didn’t exist. Nor has the agency ever been of any use. My favorite appraisal is that from my late friend William F. Buckley, Jr., himself a former CIA agent, in 1965: “The attempted assassination of [Indonesian President] Sukarno last week had all the earmarks of a CIA operation. Everyone in the room was killed except Sukarno.” The list of CIA successes is far shorter than the list of its failures. So there is no surprise that a.) the agency inexplicably paid scientists to lie to protect the government of China and b.) it didn’t work. I know people from other countries who fear the CIA, but there are people who are afraid of other kinds of clowns, too.

The point is that the truth of SARS-CoV-2 and related corruption will get revealed. If the dimwits at the CIA are willing to spend your money to get scientists to say that the virus didn’t come from the Wuhan Institute of Virology, you can be pretty damn sure that they have proof that it did come from the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

The remaining question, the only important question, is whether the release was deliberate. There is evidence to suggest that it was. (Yes, I know the link is to Tucker Carlson’s show, but even a blind pig occasionally finds an acorn.) But how did the Chinese get the virus in the first place? We paid them to develop it! When the reprehensible-louse-posing-as-scientist Tony Fauci appeared on television every day and briefly became a star, he was there primarily to protect his diminutive Brooklyn backside. It is the governmental variation on the Bill Murray character in “Caddyshack” after he had blown up the whole golf course in an unsuccessful attempt to get the gopher.

So yes, sorry to say it, but the microbe that killed 7 million people worldwide was paid for with your tax dollars, the purchase made by Anthony Fauci and his boys who know so much more than you do. No wonder the nincompoops over at the CIA are trying to keep it quiet!

That’s just the beginning.

Self-regarding megalomaniac Donald Trump, who unfortunately was president at the time, was desperate. A COVID-19 cure overseen by him would prove that his belief — that he deserves to rule the world — had merit. The pharmaceutical industry exists to relieve desperate people of their money, providing products that are effective just often enough to keep it from being shut down as a continuing criminal enterprise. Donald Trump was the pharmaceutical industry’s perfect mark. (Remember, Trump is so uneducated that he believed the pandemic could have been ended through injections of Clorox. Which it could have, but not in a way that most of us would find acceptable.) The world had been whipped up into a frenzy. There would be a blank check for anyone who came up with a vaccine. Or even something that could be falsely called a vaccine. The latter, the pharmaceutical industry decided, would be easier and more profitable, and would give them a rare chance to perform an experiment on everyone in the world.

It is not an exaggeration to say that the “vaccines” forced upon us are neither safe nor effective. There is scant evidence that a single life was saved or a single infection prevented by them. There is, however, strong evidence that they have themselves killed many people and continue to do so. But don’t take my word for it — you’ve been asked to take too many people’s word for things already.

For instance, you may have noticed an increase in reports of young, healthy people, chiefly men, who were never at much risk from COVID-19, suddenly dropping dead or otherwise being debilitated after receiving the vaccine. Even the CDC, which is paid to sugar-coat government actions and which is in some measure responsible for the mess, said this: “Myocarditis and pericarditis have rarely been reported. When reported, the cases have especially been in adolescents and young adult males within several days after mRNA COVID-19 vaccination (Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna).” A Yale study on the phenomenon found, “The immune systems of these individuals get a little too revved up and over-produce cytokine and cellular responses.” The problem was bad enough that the CDC issued a warning.

Protective face masks made from disposable shop rags were made by employees at the AutoZone store in Athens, Ohio and distributed to customers.Like everything else trotted out to prevent spread of the virus, masks proved useless. (Credit: Dennis E. Powell)

There is relatively little research being done into this, which is no surprise: untainted research money is virtually nonexistent, and big studies cost a lot of money. The main sources of research funding are the National Institutes of Health, Tony Fauci, emperor emeritus, and the big pharmaceutical companies. For some reason, they are hesitant to give you money to prove that they are liars, swindlers, and potential murderers.

We also hear of something called “turbo cancer.” It is thought by some people who are not idiots that the mRNA COVID-19 “vaccines” cause sudden, vigorous recurrences of once-controlled cancers. To consider this, we have to look at mRNA, messenger RNA, itself.

Ribonucleic acid is essential to life. It tells the body what to do. “Messenger” RNA is a modification that alters the molecule, changing what it tells the body to do. In this case, it messes around with the immune system.

For half a century scientists have been excited by the potential of mRNA in curing terrible diseases. But it is a long distance from the caveman’s discovery of fire to the internal combustion engine, and pharmaceutical company shareholders want their profits now. There were various attempts to market mRNA-based vaccines, but nothing got approved until SARS-CoV-2, when there was a heavy political thumb on the scale. The pharmaceutical companies had been eager to sell an mRNA vaccine, because — in theory — mRNA vaccines ought to be simple to make and highly profitable. Here was an opportunity to force approval of an unproven technology that had been rebuffed to far. The flop sweat on Donald Trump’s forehead told them that the skids would be greased. The vaccine was rushed to market, with the main customer providing billions of dollars — and immunity from lawsuits — in exchange for the poorly tested product. At that point, they could have drained the water from puddles in the company parking lot and bottled it, and the government would have bought it — and by law, the company couldn’t be held accountable. It (probably) wasn’t quite as bad as stagnant puddle water, but there was a contamination problem. Some of it was caught before the vaccine was delivered. But apparently not all.

We all produce cancer cells, every day. Our immune systems are very good at finding and killing most of them before they can do us any harm. But now we had a “vaccine,” that hadn’t been very well tested and that used an entirely new technology, which monkeyed around with the immune system. Its effects were only guessed at. Add some of it being contaminated with Heaven-only-knows what. Those who might be able to do something about it had no reason to do so and every reason to pretend that it wasn’t a problem.

I cannot find proof of “turbo cancer,” but I would be very surprised if in the fullness of time it were not shown to exist.

Oh, and just this week the U.S. Centers for Disease Control admitted that most people in the hospital for COVID-19 infection have received the vaccination. First we were told that the vaccine would keep us from getting the disease. Then we were told that it would prevent our spreading it. Okay, they said, its symptoms won’t be as bad. Yeah, they said, you got us, but at least you won’t be hospitalized. Okay, they said, well, at least you won’t die . . . None of it turned out to be true.

The score so far: the CIA is corrupt (surprised?). The Biden family is corrupt (that one’s a layup). The scientific-medical-pharmaceutical industry is corrupt (and this is just one example; there are many available). Those who are supposed to protect us from medical corruption are corrupt (have you paid any attention at all over the last three years?). The news media pursue their own frivolous interests rather than facts, which are difficult to authenticate, and modern reporters don’t do difficult. (I know this personally. I quit a lucrative job at the leading — at the time — network, to pursue a story in which CBS was not interested. I did it on my own nickel. It took two years to nail down. It got published, but I lost thousands of dollars on it. A few years ago I received a small certificate from NASA which, as it turns out, cannot be exchanged for groceries. And I would do it again.)

Which brings us to the looming problem mentioned above. All of this will continue to come out. In due course, not fast enough for many of us, all will be revealed. When it happens, vast swaths of the government will come tumbling down along with a lot of other institutions. People will be very angry.

Some people who lose their faith will never believe in anything again. Weaker people will be eager to find something else in which to believe. They will not have learned to approach everything with reasonable skepticism. We have seen this kind of malfunction of reason: it was what gave us Donald Trump as president. As we have seen, disappointed, angry people who put emotion ahead of thought are eager to latch on to something else, anything else, in an effort to feel safe. They are vulnerable because in their anguish they will believe anything.

Just this week someone overseas whom I know to be an intelligent, thoughtful person, someone recently injured by tragic events that may have been triggered by the SARS-CoV-2 malfeasance, asked me if airplanes had really brought down the World Trade Center 22 years ago. There is nothing in this world more certain than the cause of the World Trade Center atrocity. We all saw it live on television.

But in a time when neither the media nor government nor institutions can safely be trusted, the vacuum is quickly filled by loons and grifters, all of whom have fanciful lies to tell to satisfy a crowd eager to believe in something. When what you thought you knew is proved false, all explanations, no matter how ridiculous, carry equal value. When you can no longer stand for something, you’ll fall for anything. The reaction is powerful and terrible.

When I was asked if the facts of 9/11 are true, not by some wack job but by a sensible human, I realized it has begun.

We could end up with a CDC-replacement that really does advise bleach injections or other nutty remedies. We could end up with a government that suggests — as some already do — that the answer to unhappiness is to smoke more dope. We could live in a society, such as is found in California, where crime is legal and fighting crime almost became illegal.

The corruption and corrosion of our society is bad, true, but we mustn’t assume its replacement won’t be worse.

We have a problem.

Dennis E. Powell is crackpot-at-large at Open for Business. Powell was a reporter in New York and elsewhere before moving to Ohio, where he has (mostly) recovered. You can reach him at

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