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Steve Braun is a modern man who has been slammed by postmodernity into confusion but has been made whole by the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He seeks to humbly move forward as a Christian in love for God and for mankind without apology. His life is a testimony of the power of the Gospel to heal a broken and conceited man even years after knowing better.

Reformation 2009: Ever Reforming

By Steve Braun | Oct 31, 2009 at 5:45 AM

I have noticed that some celebrants of Reformation Day see it as a day to mark God’s freeing of the true church from the bonds of Catholic slavery even as God delivered Israel from its enslavement to Egypt. Surely it cannot be reduced to such a stark comparison. Surely we would not cast all those who did not subscribe to the Reformer’s pleas to the side of tyranny and evil. So what do we do with this day?

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