[CS-FSLUG] Microsoft Technology Mandated in GA Colleges?

Yama Ploskonka yamaplos at gmail.com
Mon Jan 7 12:39:40 CST 2013

Thank you, Tim.

As with anything Christian, there's the talk ("teaching") and then 
there's the walk, "use", for real life, all over.

Austin Community College, where I did some Wind Energy past Fall, also 
"teaches" Linux, as an option among the usual junk.
Most of the administrative tasks are web-based - that is, administrative 
employees and students interacting with administrative matters do so 
using a browser. You would think then that the OS could be any - just 
put a browser on top. Nope, it's some Redmont spawn, with antivirus, 
etc., the works.

We know that universities are often the farthest away places from real 
world issues - their main duty is to certify that a given person will 
spend enormous effort in obeying nonsense.

That is the actual meaning of a degree: as an employer, I have in front 
of me someone obedient, compliant, and reasonably devoid of initiative. 
Of course I complain that my managers are no good, but at least they are 

On 01/07/2013 12:09 AM, Tim Young wrote:
> I know of a number of Christian universities (Taylor University, 
> Redeemer College, Calvin College, Cederville, and LeTeourneau) that 
> use Linux in their teaching of computer science.  I was in charge of 
> managing the computer labs at Taylor, and have recruited students for 
> our mission from the other universities listed.  Most of those listed 
> (I am not as familiar with Redeemer and Cederville, so I cannot speak 
> for them) are teaching programming for mobile devices using both I-Os 
> and Android.
> I am not familiar with many smaller schools, but the universities that 
> I have listed are the only ones I have approached. Basically, 100% of 
> the Christian universities that have fairly good computer programs 
> have Linux in some form or other as a part of their curriculum.  
> Granted, I do not think that the very limited number I have approached 
> has any hope of being a good pool for being statistically correct.  I 
> think one would need to have queried a much higher number of schools 
> for any hope of getting a good sampling.  But, I would wager to say 
> that a good portion of Christian universities that hope to teach 
> computer skills do use Linux.
>     - Tim Young
> On 1/5/2013 10:12 PM, Yama Ploskonka wrote:
>> BTW, do y-all know of any Christian school that uses Linux? I don't. 
>> Besides y'all (and an uncle), all my linuxy acquaintances and buds 
>> are unbelievers.
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