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Watchman Nee suggested starting a new work, but I have seen the fruit of
that, and (given the worldly mind-set we are faced with in culture) these
"new works" quickly degenerate into just another division. I have come to
just accept as a given truth that the church is what God says it is.That
It is an organic whole (on a local level) and is in fact one body - The
body of Christ. I do not join any of these divisions, or start one of my
own, but rather practice fellowship with all who follow Him, and see my
brethren as gifted members of one Body. Instead of being attached to one
small group (or large), we continue to assemble with believers from
various connections whenever God opens the door.

> The unwillingness of those who recognize the problem to step away
> and start a new work has been the bane of my existence for 20 years.
> They value their social associations more than obedience to the Lord
> God.
> Meanwhile, baby believers are poorly discipled (if at all) and the lost
> are not reached.
> It can make one empathize with the frustration of Jeremiah and
> Moses and Paul ...
>> Josiah Ritchie wrote: Thank you  David.
>  >
>  > I feel I must say though that the problem is honestly sufficiently
>  > understood. What is lacking is the action to change it.
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