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Paul warned of such people.

Here in GA we also have the "Bible Baptist" group which promotes
racism, falsely claiming that blacks were cursed in the OT, and KJV-only
(idolatry of a translation).

Others idolatize tradition, celebrity, worldly success, congregational 
entertainment, politics, etc.

The line between apostasy and blasphemy can be difficult to define
sometimes - all I know is that most of the organized "church" is
worthless and much of the rest is an enemy of truth.

The "Church" is far more rare than associational and denominational
statistics would suggest.


> The Chalcedon Foundation is an  organization that promotes Theonomy
 > (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Christian_Reconstructionism), the
 > theory that misapplies OT law as being something that should be
 > implemented within American civil government. They wrecked havoc
 > within certain circles in my denomination in the 80's and 90's. I
 > actually have a friend who is trying to plant a PCA church in a small
 > town in Georgia right now where there was once a PCA church, but it
 > was killed in a split over Theonomy...
 > Blessings, Tim


Draw nearer to the Lord and He will bless you,

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