[CS-FSLUG] Have You Built a Custom Kernel and Why?

Don Parris parrisdc at gmail.com
Mon Jan 23 11:52:23 CST 2012

As I am gearing up for one of the Linux certs, I was reading a chapter on
building a custom kernel.  I did not follow the exercise, as I honestly
feel I need a pretty compelling reason to build a custom kernel, other than
"just because I can".  I did do this years ago with the Mach kernel that
ran under Red Hat 5, but have never really seen the need to do so again.  I
think simply modifying the loading of modules (something else I have done
at least once or twice) is sufficient in most cases.  I am certain there
are really compelling reasons to build a custom kernel, though.

I am curious to know if any of you have actually built a custom kernel, and
what advantages (if any) this gave you over (a) the default kernel and (b)
a comparable Windows system.  I ask about Windows, because - as far as I
know, no one can build a custom kernel (since we cannot access the source
code).  To build a custom kernel "just because you can" - even though that,
in and of itself is a great thing - is not good enough for this question.
I want to know if your custom kernel made Windows look even slower than
molasses or if you gained some special feature that is not normally needed,
or that does not exist in Windows.  Any compelling cases out there for
building a custom kernel?

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