[CS-FSLUG] Have You Built a Custom Kernel and Why?

dcolburn at bibleseven.com dcolburn at bibleseven.com
Mon Jan 23 12:11:17 CST 2012

They seem to do it all the time in Puppy Linux - from what I have
read generally for increased-efficiency or to integrate an app more

They have an app which is specifically designed to make the process

I've never tried ...

>  As I am gearing up for one of the Linux certs, I was reading a
>  chapter on building a custom kernel. I did not follow the exercise,
>  as I honestly feel I need a pretty compelling reason to build a
>  custom kernel, other than "just because I can". I did do this years
>  ago with the Mach kernel that ran under Red Hat 5, but have never
>  really seen the need to do so again. I think simply modifying the
>  loading of modules (something else I have done at least once or
>  twice) is sufficient in most cases. I am certain there are really
>  compelling reasons to build a custom kernel, though.
>  I am curious to know if any of you have actually built a custom
>  kernel, and what advantages (if any) this gave you over (a) the
>  default kernel and (b) a comparable Windows system. I ask about
>  Windows, because - as far as I know, no one can build a custom kernel
>  (since we cannot access the source code). To build a custom kernel
>  "just because you can" - even though that, in and of itself is a
>  great thing - is not good enough for this question. I want to know
>  if your custom kernel made Windows look even slower than molasses or
>  if you gained some special feature that is not normally needed, or
>  that does not exist in Windows. Any compelling cases out there for
>  building a custom kernel?
>  Blessings, Don


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