[CS-FSLUG] Issue trackers

Robert Wohlfarth rbwohlfarth at gmail.com
Thu Mar 11 12:16:15 CST 2010

I'm researching issue tracking software for work. There's a lot out there
such as BugTraq, Redmine, or FogBugz. I am just at the very beginning, and
would greatly value friendly counsel. With all of the smart, technical
people on this list, I was hoping there might be a few recommendations for
taking a closer look.

We'll be using the system for tracking data problems (bad formatting,
missing information) and file processing. Clients send files, and we load
them into a database. When something goes wrong, it often takes weeks to
resolve. Remembering everything that has happened is difficult. Issue
tracking software would let us quickly see what open issues we have, what
has happened, and who is handling it.

Robert Wohlfarth
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