[CS-FSLUG] Can I be a Libertarian Without Christ? Once again, EXCELLENT!

Fred A. Miller fmiller at lightlink.com
Sat Jan 30 15:05:46 CST 2010

There was the solution to my problem! I was blind to search for an
impersonal Truth, an inexorable, merciless entity that holds the
universe in an iron grip. And I was blind to search for Freedom that was
focused on myself so much that would make the rest of the world
irrelevant---and make /me/ irrelevant in the process. Truth was possible
to know only if it was itself a Person; and Freedom was possible to have
only if it was itself a Person. That Person couldn't be a mere man---or
I would be in slavery. He must be a god, or rather, God, the Creator of
the Universe. And if the Bible was true, then my problems had one
reason: I was a stranger to God, and thus I was a stranger to Freedom,
Ethics, and Justice. I had to come back to Him, through the redemption
He provided in Jesus Christ. Only then I had . . . /everything/.


This all leads to my belief that I've been wrongly defining 
liberalism for years. I think a new definition of the liberal 
is in order: A liberal is someone who only wants to be free 
from the consequences of freedom. -Mike Adams

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