[CS-FSLUG] OT: The Hidden Dangers of Peacemakers

Marco Tedaldi marco.tedaldi at gmx.ch
Sat Jan 9 14:07:49 CST 2010

Hello Timothy
Hello dear brothers and sisters

I can feel with you and would even understand if you had become bitter.

But be certain: It does not need a contract nor some fancy words. Where
there is might, there is abuse. I've had to live with this for years.
The curches here are networked. The people talk and "know" a lot about

What I've learned from this? Don't try to point out mistakes by elders
or pastors. Live with it or leave the curch. This might sound bitter...
But I'm not bitter, I've just learned from experiences me and my Family
had made.

Even without written consent, there is a lot of power accumulated in the
"head" of a church. In many local churches around here, there is one
person who is the church leader, pastor and minister. So he knows a lot
about the people who confess the problems they have. He is standing in
front of the church and knows a lot about a lot of people and can use
this in his sermon. He has a lot of power, and power corrupts.

Go you way with god, and only with god. And watch your own step, and
find trustworthy people that correct you why you are in danger to loose

God bless you all


Am Samstag, den 09.01.2010, 12:03 -0600 schrieb Timothy Butler:
> From an article I just published:
>         Once a person enters into informed consent under this
>         “biblical” system, the person not only is unable to seek
>         protection through the courts if the leadership decides to
>         publicly air whatever “concerns” they feel ought to be
>         broadcast about a person, the victim is also unable to resign
>         from the church until the leadership wishes to permit it.
> Let's just say I have some personal experience with the program and am
> hoping to use that experience to warn others...
> -Tim
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