[CS-FSLUG] OT: The Hidden Dangers of Peacemakers

Timothy Butler tbutler at ofb.biz
Sat Jan 9 14:25:53 CST 2010

Hi Marco,

> But be certain: It does not need a contract nor some fancy words.  
> Where
> there is might, there is abuse. I've had to live with this for years.
> The curches here are networked. The people talk and "know" a lot about
> others.

	Indeed. That's more of the reason I think the contracts are dangerous  
more than anything else. Most of what can be done via Peacemakers  
(both good and bad) can be done with out it. I just see where the  
legal aspect makes it much easier to do the bad parts.

> What I've learned from this? Don't try to point out mistakes by elders
> or pastors. Live with it or leave the curch. This might sound  
> bitter...
> But I'm not bitter, I've just learned from experiences me and my  
> Family
> had made.

	I agree a lot. Really, the only reason I pointed out the problems was  
that I was directly tasked to deal with the area that the problems  
were occurring in (I was a "volunteer staff member").

> this in his sermon. He has a lot of power, and power corrupts.

	Absolutely (no pun intended).

> Go you way with god, and only with god. And watch your own step, and
> find trustworthy people that correct you why you are in danger to  
> loose
> yourself.

	Amen. God has blessed me with some really strong mentors, friends and  
family to help with the matters. I've also found a new church wherein  
some of the leadership turns out to have experienced similar things  
and has been very helpful in sorting through things.


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