[CS-FSLUG] FoxNews.com - The Death of the Hard Drive

Karl Kleinpaste karl at kleinpaste.org
Thu Dec 16 06:42:50 CST 2010

"Fred A. Miller" <fmiller at lightlink.com> writes:
> What do all of you think?

I think it's bad journalism to try to equate "replacing hard drives with
flash memory" to "everything will be in the cloud now," which is what a
huge fraction of that article tried to do.  I will rejoice when flash
storage becomes price-comparable to spinning drives, but both are local.

E.g. reference to iPad having no drive...yeah, sure, but it's got some
several dozen GBytes of storage anyway.  And to question the browser
"which is the access point for most of your files anyway, right? 
... Most of what you do is online, isn't it?" is beyond absurd, both for
myself as a software professional and for my woman as a child therapist
who is still virtually computer illiterate even after 15 years with me.

Let's see, for us...
Personal files?  On local storage.
Mail?  Local storage.  No, I don't use Yahoo or GMail much.
Work-related material?  All local.  (Oh, yeah, like my bosses want me
storing company secrets somewhere we/I don't control.  Riiiiiiight.)
Pet projects that I toy with, on and off for years at a time?  Local.
Her client files?  Oh, all LOCAL, baby...think HIPPA restrictions.

I even use Dropbox for a bunch of stuff.  But it's a backup/replication
solution, not primary storage and not even a filesystem as such.

"Different local storage" is not even in the same concept as "the cloud."

Yeah, we all use the network a lot.  I have a whole career driven out of
networking.  My co-workers are 5000 miles away so as a result we believe
in networks more than most.

But anyone suggesting that "the cloud" is where EVERYTHING naturally
MUST and WILL live is uttering nonsense.

Really bad journalism.

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