[CS-FSLUG] CDC Chief Admits that Vaccines Trigger Autism! Here ya go, David!

Fred A. Miller fmiller at lightlink.com
Sun Nov 1 21:20:19 CST 2009

David McGlone wrote:

>> P.S. I would hesitate a guess that of the non-Christians, the Democrats
>> would probably show more support to these issues than the Republicans,
>> but it would just be a guess.
> If you think about it, I bet your correct in your guess, because it takes 
> money to fund these issues, and Democrats love to spend money.
> Not that I agree with all their spending, who cares who's butt smells the 
> worst, LOL but some things really need to be funded that most republicans just 
> don't care about.
Maybe they do, maybe they don't. Maybe the proposed legislation isn't
worth spit, so
it should be voted down.
> I can probably say that if what happened to me when I was 7 that caused me to 
> lose my hearing never had happened my attitude would probably be different and 
> I would probably be totally against these types of fundings or at least 
> ignorant of the cause. I think the reason for this is because I never would 
> have experienced this type of living. But since I know and have experienced 
> the anguish of what it's like to be disabled I care so much more for those who 
> are also disabled or sick or have such things as autism, cerebral palsy, downs 
> syndrome, blindness, deafness, and so on.
I sympathize with what happened to you, whatever it was. Throughout my
life, I've
given of my time, money, etc., to help those who have either been
disabled or
disadvantaged. I've said for years that one reason there's less giving
my individuals
is because the Fed. gov't stuck it's ugly nose in it years ago. I still
know it's true.
> A few years ago, I volunteered my time in nursing homes and hospitals and I 
> would always act goofy, try to tell jokes, although my jokes were bad LOL  I 
> tried to go that extra mile to get anyone and everyone to at least crack a 
> smile even at my own expense.
> Even today, if I see anybody out in public that is disabled I WILL acknowledge 
> them. The reason I do this is because most disabled people feel a sense of 
> being alone in this world, people are afraid to at least say hi to them 
> because they are afraid to talk to them because they don't see them as a 
> normal person. I've seen some even laugh or poke fun of them behind their 
> backs.
So have I. In fact, in my younger years and a long time ago, I almost
went to jail
because I thumped the snot out of some moron who really deserved it,
after he
tipped a guy over in a wheel chair. The fellow as a disabled vet and I
knew him,
not well, but knew who he was. Sometimes my fuse gets lit with a very
short burn
rate.....that was one of them.

I will be donating all my time this summer with Liberty Lodge Outfitters,
(http://www.libertylodgeoutfitters.com/), while I'm off from work, for
vets.....doing some now, but not was much as I'd like to. If I didn't
have to work,
I'd be doing it full time now. I hope spread the REAL good news there,
as there
are more who need to hear it than those who've already taken it to
heart. I've
worked with vets off and on for years, most recently with my adopted
who come home from Iraq with permanent physical and brain damage. I am
going to make him better....one way or the other, no matter what it
takes nor
the cost....and he knows it.

I just recently met Kevin Workman, owner of the Lodge. Ever since then,
I have
this haunting deep in my gut that this is how I MUST finish the final
years God
grants me......doing all I can for those who've given so much and now have
been "spit on" by so many. A few good men can make a very big difference.


Someone is a liberal when you can't reason them out of 
anything, because they never reason themselves into any 
position. Conservatives are interested ONLY in the truth. 
Liberals only care about their agenda. --Fred Miller

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