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Fred A. Miller fmiller at lightlink.com
Sun Nov 1 10:55:12 CST 2009

David McGlone wrote:
> On Saturday 31 October 2009 23:37:28 Fred A. Miller wrote:
>> Ed Hurst wrote:
>>> On Sat, 31 Oct 2009 19:54:40 -0500, Lincoln Fessenden
>>> <l4c at thelinuxlink.net> wrote:
>>>> You don't believe in Slackware?
>>> Let me save you some time, Bro. Linc. Slackware remains indelibly
>>> stained in my mind with the close association of it's founder, and his
>>> product, to the Church of the Subgenius. Had that been merely a big
>>> joke on churches, I'd have thought nothing of it. But the whole thing
>>> sarcastically mocks faith itself, and Patrick did his best to
>>> associate himself publicly with it. We still have some of the images
>>> from that joke in the standard screensavers, BTW. It's just a matter
>>> of my own conscience.
>>> As for Mint, I tried a couple of different releases. I saw no
>>> advantage at all over Ubuntu, and didn't much care for the default
>>> colors of either. Further, I recall reading of a complete commitment
>>> by the Mint folks to rolling release, which I despise. With Ubuntu, at
>>> least, I can work into the next LTS for a three-year support cycle.
>>> Failing that, I have some small hope for CentOS 6 in the spring
>>> providing a far greater lifespan. I love CentOS, and tolerate
>>> Ubuntu/Debian. I once loved SUSE, but too many bad releases in a row
>>> have turned me off once and for all. Their 8.2 was the last time I got
>>> things working properly and stable. I suppose 10.3 came close, but it
>>> was still rough, but I had to give it a chance.
>>> Yes, I have hard prejudices. :-D
>> So do I.....one of them is Islam. If one is a real Christian, he/she
>> adheres to the edicts of the Bible. If one is a real Muslim, he/she
>> adheres to the dictates of the Quran. Simple.
>> I have Ubuntu 9.1 now installed on this Dell laptop. I'm going to give
>> it a solid hard workout for the next few days, then make a decision as
>> to what I want to do. I've always disliked Gnome, but I'm giving it an
>> honest workout. I've not had the bad installs and problems you've had
>> with openSUSE, fortunately. I also support a LOT of systems so if I
>> decide to make a change, I have a LOT of work to do. But, like you,
>> there's some things with openSUSE that I don't like.
> On the KDE list I'm hearing some complaints about the new Kubuntu. I sure hope 
> those problems are not present in Ubuntu 9.10 also or it just might tarnish 
> your impression of Ubuntu. 
I have no doubt that there are complaints but I'd guess that the cause
is KDE. The rewrite of KDE was a major undertaking, and I don't expect
it to really stabilize for another 2 or 3 releases, IF the devs dedicate
themselves to fixing things properly. The version of gnome that is with
9.10 is the best I've seen for gnome. Ubuntu is certainly a lot faster
than KDE, even with compiz.


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