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Fred A. Miller fmiller at lightlink.com
Mon Nov 2 18:12:41 CST 2009

Ed Hurst wrote:
> Fred A. Miller wrote:
>> Have you tried the just released, not beta nor RC versions, Ubuntu 9.1?
> Yeah, that's the subject of this thread, which has wandered far and
> wide. I'm using it and I like it just fine. I'm not hunting anything else.
Hehehehe....good! I tried to install it on my HP Pav. with an Opteron,
SATA, and 4G of RAM. NADA!! There's something amiss with the
kernel.....don't know what yet. I might try the 32-bit release tomorrow,
if I have time. As you can imagine, after the GREAT success I had on
this Dell laptop, my entheusiam has dimmed somewhat. :(
> I have spent time with it, fixed the two major bugs, and I'm happy.
> 1. Audio: With Intel HDA sound chipsets, a large number of varying
> configurations in the hardware are possible, so ALSA can't easily
> identify exactly what it's up against. There are instructions in
> identifying the exact codec set (mine is Realtek ALC888) and then
> testing the various models listed in the documentation and by adding a
> parameter to the modprobe files. For mine, it was: 'options
> snd-hda-intel model=6stack-dell'.
Ok.....NO audio problems here with this Intel chipset....nor the Intel
It was a VERY quick clean install......just like it should be. ;)
> This took care of the intermittent popping and crackling, and allowed
> the main speakers to be cut out by the insertion of the headphones plug
> on the front of the tower. Apparently that second item is a major issue
> in the past couple of years.
> 2. Gnome screensaver never went to sleep. The power management tab does
> nothing. I turned that off and installed the old Xscreensaver, which has
> more and better options, and they work. The GNOME version has failed me
> at least 75% of the time in the past dozen iterations of GNOME I've
> tried. Bug reports indicate to me it's something the devs don't take
> seriously.
Yes.....one of the things KDE devs also are very stubborn and ignorant
> While that seems to be a problem with several parts of GNOME, it still
> works better for me than KDE.
I can't agrue that. It's much faster than KDE 4.3, and in fact, MUCH
nicer Gnome
than what openSUSE has in 11.1. The only only negative I have so far, is
that it
won't install on my HP desktop. I've not given up on that yet, but it's
a "bummer"
to be sure.


Windows 7: I wanted more reliable, so I have more reliable.
I use Linux.

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