[CS-FSLUG] Gimp on National TV Was: Re: Open source becomes irresistible political force.

Fred A. Miller fmiller at lightlink.com
Mon Mar 2 03:50:18 CST 2009

David McGlone wrote:
> On Sunday 01 March 2009 2:29:29 pm Fred A. Miller wrote:
>> David McGlone wrote:
>> [snip]
>>  Mythbusters is my Favorite on Discovery.
>>>> Those and FOX for news.....NO OTHER is reliable.
>>>> Fred
>>> I don't limit myself to 1 news station. there's always 2 sides to a
>>> story. I think we both know Fox is biased and so is CNN and in my state
>>> non cable stations, NBC, CBS and ABC news.
>> Being a truth seeker, I'm always looking to see who's telling the truth!
>> RARE is
>> it that I find a mistake on FOX, and if so, they are quick with a
>> correction. That
>> ISN'T true of CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC, nor public broadcasting.....PERIOD.
>>> They all report on their views based on their political views, and
>>> believe everyone else is wrong. I watch FOX, no doubt about that.
>>> O'Reilly is one of my favorite on Fox. Hanity and Colmbs on CNN.
>> H. and C. on CNN?
>>> I don't think any of the stations are "fair and balanced". Thats just a
>>> bunch of FOX's hogwash. LOL
>>> My definition of "Fair and Balanced" is when a person listens to both
>>> sides and deciphers the truth from the fiction in both stories. You
>>> should have plenty of experience in that arena.
>> I certainly do!
>>> For example, can you remember a time your kids would come running
>>> tattling on one or the other and you had to listen to both stories in
>>> order to get the whole truth?
>> No, you can't always determine the truth that way....often need a 3rd
>> party in politics anyway.
>>> LOL just me ranting on cuz I can't sleep. But worth mentioning
>>> nonetheless.
>> It's like what I said about Obama before the election....I'd done a LOT
>> of research
>> to find out what I had heard and read was correct. It was, and he's now
>> proved to be
>> exactly what I and others have said about him.
> I'm not referring to politics, just news in general. it's weird and crazy how 
> each station can report the same story, but yet somehow manage to always make 
> them so contrasting. (This is just my observation. so It could be just me)

I don't think so. CNN and CBS are 2 examples that will twist any story
to make Christians look bad or conservatives the same way at every

> My mistake. H & C are on Fox, Yeah I watch them, but earlier I meant to refer 
> to John King and Wolf Blitzer.

I wondered. ;)

> Anyway, no political discussion here,  just hoping to have a discussion of TV 
> in general. :-)
> And for fun, I love to watch "The Daily Show" on Comedy Central. Jon Stewart 
> is hilarious. He cracks on everybody from democrats to hobo's and thats one of 
> the biggest things I like about him.

I have very little time for T.V. so I don't even know what "The Daily
Show" is. Now and then, my wife and I will watch a DVD together. Most of
the time I'm installing Linux on a client system here or on site, or
reading mail, etc., on this or another of my boxen. 'Think I get enough
'puter time? :)


The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other
people's money.
  -  Margaret Thatcher

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