[CS-FSLUG] Gimp on National TV Was: Re: Open source becomes irresistible political force.

David McGlone d.mcglone at att.net
Sun Mar 1 20:00:41 CST 2009

On Sunday 01 March 2009 2:29:29 pm Fred A. Miller wrote:
> David McGlone wrote:
> [snip]
>  Mythbusters is my Favorite on Discovery.
> >> Those and FOX for news.....NO OTHER is reliable.
> >>
> >> Fred
> >
> > I don't limit myself to 1 news station. there's always 2 sides to a
> > story. I think we both know Fox is biased and so is CNN and in my state
> > non cable stations, NBC, CBS and ABC news.
> Being a truth seeker, I'm always looking to see who's telling the truth!
> RARE is
> it that I find a mistake on FOX, and if so, they are quick with a
> correction. That
> ISN'T true of CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC, nor public broadcasting.....PERIOD.
> > They all report on their views based on their political views, and
> > believe everyone else is wrong. I watch FOX, no doubt about that.
> > O'Reilly is one of my favorite on Fox. Hanity and Colmbs on CNN.
> H. and C. on CNN?
> > I don't think any of the stations are "fair and balanced". Thats just a
> > bunch of FOX's hogwash. LOL
> >
> > My definition of "Fair and Balanced" is when a person listens to both
> > sides and deciphers the truth from the fiction in both stories. You
> > should have plenty of experience in that arena.
> I certainly do!
> > For example, can you remember a time your kids would come running
> > tattling on one or the other and you had to listen to both stories in
> > order to get the whole truth?
> No, you can't always determine the truth that way....often need a 3rd
> party in politics anyway.
> > LOL just me ranting on cuz I can't sleep. But worth mentioning
> > nonetheless.
> It's like what I said about Obama before the election....I'd done a LOT
> of research
> to find out what I had heard and read was correct. It was, and he's now
> proved to be
> exactly what I and others have said about him.

I'm not referring to politics, just news in general. it's weird and crazy how 
each station can report the same story, but yet somehow manage to always make 
them so contrasting. (This is just my observation. so It could be just me)

My mistake. H & C are on Fox, Yeah I watch them, but earlier I meant to refer 
to John King and Wolf Blitzer.

Anyway, no political discussion here,  just hoping to have a discussion of TV 
in general. :-)

And for fun, I love to watch "The Daily Show" on Comedy Central. Jon Stewart 
is hilarious. He cracks on everybody from democrats to hobo's and thats one of 
the biggest things I like about him.

David M.

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