[CS-FSLUG] OT: Eco***** are blocking extraction of 2+ trillion bbls of Oil in the USA!!!

Marco Tedaldi marco.tedaldi at gmx.ch
Sun Mar 1 03:49:19 CST 2009

Hello my friends

@Fred: Stop calling everyone, who does not act or think like you wish he
did, a Nazi. Maybe you should look up, what is commonly named a nazi! I
know, that many Americans tend to use this word very lightly (despite
the overwhelming "political correctness").

Fred A. Miller schrieb:
> This should be trumpeted day & night,around the country
> w/o ceasing!! But, no . . . the silence is deafening. It
> seems to me as though there are those who want us to
> transition into an emisionless society without any effort,
> or emissions for that matter, or and most likely, are doing
> their best with NOBama, Pelosi, and Reid to being the USA
> down to the rate of a SUB-standard 3rd world country!
> Fred

Nice... they found some oil. A huge reservoir of oil! Let's get it out
and burn it all immediately!

First and foremost: Burnig "fossil" fuel (coal, oil, gas) in large
quantities is not the most intelligent thing to do. Sure, we know that
the end of humankind will not be because of this. But as I'm reading we
are still obligated as Christians to take care of our environment.

And having a big junk of oil underground does not mean, that you can get
it all out of the ground in a short time. It takes quite some time to
get such a source to spit out the oil at large quantities. So just
knowing that there is oil around does not make you independent of other

the only way to reduce the dependence on the oil supply of foeign
countries for now and for the future is to reduce our dependence on such
fuel over all. This menans, we should reduce the consumption as much as
possible. For example I could shut down my computer over night (insted
of just powering off the monitor)

You can't solve the problem of the USA by just digging for more oil (and
as you quoted yourself, at today standards the oil would last mere 41
years). It's very short sighted to try to solve problems this way.

I don't agree with Obama in many things, but todays problems in the US
are not caused by him, but by the past few goverments (which includes 12
years of bush families, who called themselves christians...)

God bless you all

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