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On Saturday 11 July 2009 01:29:00 am Fred A. Miller wrote:
> steven vollom wrote:
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> >> Fred
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> > Would you explain what "Where's the Birth Certificate?" is about?
> Sure. THOUSANDS of us in the US are convinced that Obama ISN'T qualified
> to be President, and not just the obvious reasons. There is ample
> evidence that he was born in Kenya and not Hawaii as he claims. If this
> is true, then he CAN'T be President, as he MUST be natural born based on
> our Constitution. He has REFUSED to provide a valid Birth Certificate.
> My signature simply makes the point that we want to see the original.
> Fred

I agree it would be nice for him to not be in office, but his presence and his 
actions in office are almost necessary to bring forth the return of CHRIST.  It 
currently must be about as bad on this earth as in the times of Sodom and 
Gomorrah, but I don't think quite as bad as prior to Noah.  But that part of 
history has really been kept quiet.

Have you had occasion to read the Book of Enoch?  It is a bit older than the 
Book of Job.  I am not sure why it is not accepted currently.  It may be due 
to the author of the current translation, but nothing would prohibit a 
collection of scholars who are Christians from translating it from the 
Ethiopian Text to confirm the accuracy of the translation. 

My spirit does not grieve when I read it, and I have read it several times.  
It contains otherwise un-salvaged information about Enoch, who never died.  It 
contains more detail about the conduct of the Nephilim.  It named many of the 
Angels and their jobs.  It explained much about things we take as myth today.  
It gives reason to why certain genetic lines of people were removed from the 
earth.  I think Adam was still alive when it was written.  Adam had to be 
alive when Enoch was on the earth.  Enoch was only 7th from Adam.  And at that 
older record of human history it contains accurate prophecy of future events, 
through to the end of the age.  It prophesied events that were not included in 
the later texts, a thing that should make it at least considered as GOD 
inspired.  Other than it provides otherwise unconfirmed history of Bible times, 
closer to the beginning, making the data more difficult to confirm, it seems 
consistent with accepted scripture.  Perhaps what isn't approved of is the 
talk of heavenly vehicles, or the supernatural jobs of certain Angels, which 
cannot be proven or dis-proven.  I sure enjoy the read.  It was accepted as 
scripture at the time of Jesus, I believe.  It talks about certain of the 
fallen Angels that could have been the actual physical personage of those that 
were called the Greek gods of myth.  And they would have been capable of 
building the pyramids, a task we have never been able to figure out how was 
done.  It talks about beasteality between fallen Angels and animals, which 
could better explain the dinosaurs.  It talks about the teaching of the occult 
arts of magic and other skills that were heavenly actions and not meant for 
man.  It talks about the instruction of the death arts, which would explain 
the origin of the marshal arts.  At the very least, it is an interesting read.


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