[CS-FSLUG] Moderator's Clarification

Ed Hurst ehurst at soulkiln.org
Thu Dec 17 12:11:09 CST 2009

On 12/17/2009 10:06 AM, sjm wrote:
> [I hesitate to answer to this thread as the moderator has spoken and I
> doubt anyone's attitude or view will be changed, but as it was probably
> directed more at me than others, I will respond once with this message.]

I did not intend to close the thread. Forgive me if my choice of words 
seemed to say that.

As has been posted to this list many times in the past few years:

Write your own message regarding sensitive topics. If you aren't capable 
of slick verbiage, that's okay. Gracious people will give you room to 
apologize for something which didn't come across right.

You can easily filter for senders, topics, tags (OT, etc.) or whatever 
you choose, but that's not the best answer. (Moderators can't do it at 
all.) The better answer is holding your fellow list members in respect. 
Raise the level by encouraging each other. Technically, it is completely 
illegitimate to send a message to the list which is little more than 
scatter-shot sent to your own personal mailing list. Do not include 
CS-FSLUG on such lists. Copy to a few select individuals.

Discussing our relative attitudes toward identifiable groups of people 
is not a sin, nor forbidden on the list. The issue is manner of 
presentation. Debate is a healthy means of passing on information, even 
for those like me who are utterly cynical about the process.

Finally, anyone is free to object, appeal over my head to Tim, etc. I 
don't take myself that seriously. If you want to know my feelings on 
anything, you'll get my best answer to any query. Frankly, many of you 
would read my website and conclude I was heretic, or darn close. Many of 
you would also conclude my political opinions are beyond radical. If you 
feel you have grounds for seeing my privilege here removed, state your 
case. Convince the other folks who make the decisions and see how 
quickly I disappear. I'm not cranky about anything. I moderate because 
someone I love has asked me carry some admin duties. If you ain't 
feeling the love, too, let me know. :-)

Ed Hurst
Associate Editor, Open for Business: http://ofb.biz/
Applied Bible - http://soulkiln.org/
Kiln of the Soul - http://soulkiln.blogspot.com/

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