[CS-FSLUG] Ubuntu and busybox

Greg Slade camsoc at vfemail.net
Thu Dec 3 09:44:09 CST 2009

I have a friend who has Windows and Ubuntu installed on a single 
machine, using a boot menu. (I assume it's lilo, but I'm not sure.) 
Windows, of course, comes last in the load menu, since it's 
alphabetical, and if he reboots the machine, the first choice (Ubuntu) 
loads automatically unless he selects Windows within a set time limit.

Unfortunately for him, he works in Windows most of the time. He just 
installed Ubuntu to try it out, so this fiddling gets in the way of his 
normal use.

Even worse, there's something gone wrong with the Ubuntu install. When 
the machine boots into Ubuntu, it comes up in busybox, which seems to be 
some kind of "light" shell prompt. Unfortunately, neither of us knows 
enough Linux either to use busybox to get Ubuntu booting again, or to 
uninstall Ubuntu so he can go back to his original Windows setup.

Any advice?


Greg Slade
"The lower I am, the more proper my place seems; and the higher I am,
the stronger my suspicion is that there has been some mistake."
                                                           - Vaclav Havel

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