[CS-FSLUG] OT: Converting from Incandescent to Flourescent Lights

Don Parris parrisdc at gmail.com
Tue Jan 15 16:55:19 CST 2008

2008/1/15 Stephen J. McCracken <smccracken at hcjb.org.ec>:

> >> thing that stood out to me was that you have fixed the life cycle even
> >> for the incandescent bulbs at 10,000 hours.  I would use the real
> values
> >> and use the spreadsheet to calculate the equivalences.
> >
> > I was using the formula given by every source I saw.  You have to
> calculate
> > against the higher rating.    The logic seems to be that you can't
> compare
> > apples to oranges.  You have to have a common denominator.
> I understand that, but to be more "user friendly" allow the user to
> enter the actual life time of the incandescent bulb (1200hrs?) and use
> the power of the spreadsheet to convert it to the 10000 hour equivalent
> rather than forcing the user to do the calculations.  In other words, if
> you're forcing the user to do the calculations it brings into question
> why you're using a spreadsheet to begin with.
> For more user-friendliness, I would add another sheet/page as the first
> page and have it very simple where they would just enter the simple data
> and get back the results.  The current spreadsheet is too "techy".
You mean for the # of bulbs per life cycle?  I can see that.  I'll give it a
little thought and see what I come up with.

Truthfully, I gave no thought whatsoever to making it really user-friendly.
Thanks for the input.

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