[CS-FSLUG] OT: Converting from Incandescent to Flourescent Lights

Stephen J. McCracken smccracken at hcjb.org.ec
Tue Jan 15 14:14:02 CST 2008

>> thing that stood out to me was that you have fixed the life cycle even
>> for the incandescent bulbs at 10,000 hours.  I would use the real values
>> and use the spreadsheet to calculate the equivalences.
> I was using the formula given by every source I saw.  You have to calculate 
> against the higher rating.    The logic seems to be that you can't compare 
> apples to oranges.  You have to have a common denominator.

I understand that, but to be more "user friendly" allow the user to 
enter the actual life time of the incandescent bulb (1200hrs?) and use 
the power of the spreadsheet to convert it to the 10000 hour equivalent 
rather than forcing the user to do the calculations.  In other words, if 
you're forcing the user to do the calculations it brings into question 
why you're using a spreadsheet to begin with.

For more user-friendliness, I would add another sheet/page as the first 
page and have it very simple where they would just enter the simple data 
and get back the results.  The current spreadsheet is too "techy".

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